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How Professional Designers Create a Successful Color Scheme

A no-fail way to create a room with a look that is professionally pulled together.

Begin by selecting your inspiration for the room. This will be the starting point and it may be the sofa, a chair or the window treatments. Whatever it is, it should be the piece in your room that has the most pattern. Use the colors in this inspiration to design the entire room.

Select three colors from your inspiration. These should be a light color, a medium tone, and a dark color that are in the pattern.  This  will set the stage for the rest of the room.

Use the light color for the background of the room. This will become your wall color for the room and if selecting a new carpet or flooring, use something slightly darker. This will anchor the furniture. You can also achieve this when your existing carpet will not be replaced by adding an area rug to the room that is slightly darker than both the walls and the floor. If the carpet does not fit into your color scheme, replace it entirely.

The medium color will now go on the largest pieces. It's a good color to use on your sofa or window treatments.  These pieces can have other colors in them, but overall they should be predominantly the medium color that you have selected.

The dark color will now become the accent color. Distribute the colors evenly throughout the room to achieve balance and remember to use each color at least three times in the room. This can be as subtle as the matte color on a picture.

For a more dramatic color scheme, reverse the process. Use the dark color for the walls and the light for the accent color.

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