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Common Color Mistakes

  • Using neutral (“safe”) colors
    Remember how color affects mood. Use our Language of Color article to choose colors for rooms based on the effect the it will have on the room. Use color to stimulate and make the home more interesting. Neutrals can be used as bridge between colors or in some of the rooms, but relying on them too much can create boredom.

  • Putting the colors together
    Make sure you don’t skip this step when choosing paint. Once you’ve chosen colors buy some quart size samples and test your paint on the wall. Don’t get carried away. Paint an area large enough to visualize how the room will come out. Observe the colors in the morning, early afternoon and evening light. Another option would be to paint a piece of 1”x12”x12” and use this as a handy sample that you can move throughout the room
  • Bold but not to bright
    A room can be overpowered by using too much bold and vibrant color. Bold colors can build intensity and look neon. Remember when choosing your colors at the paint store the colors at the bottom of the sample card show the underlying hues.

  • Distributing color through-out your home
    Using too many colors throughout your home creates an assortment of that doesn’t harmonize. Choose a color scheme for your room and try to complement it throughout your home. Remember you can increase the intensity, or lighten any of the colors you’ve chosen for primary room.

  • Painting the trim and walls and ceiling all white
    Adding a little of the wall color to the white trim softens the contrast from a bold color to a neutral.

  • Poor choice of furniture and accessories
    You can’t rely on color to “make” the room. It must work with the other elements in the room.

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